Blue Whale Online Challenge Game Download App Apk

The blue whale online challenge game app apk is very dangerous.Safety is more important than anything.Download and play blue whale game apk Yes in this post I will reveal how you can download blue whale game. Funny and interesting hope you enjoy a lot by playing this game apk.


This game works by chatting with admin and player for an example if you are playing blue whale suicide game then the admin will contact you on chatting application like WhatsApp, Facebook or messenger. He will give you 50 per tasks to do (1 task per day) and would say to show me proof of that task.You can also download more apk from here.

Now One more Momo Challenge is now trending so you check its info from here.

Blue Whale Game Player


Blue Whale Game Is Not a Downloadable game Only the admin can Give You The Specific Download link.

So how will you get?  this Only can be sent from Admin if you want to know How Blue Whale Admin Will Contact You, See Below:-

First, you will get a link  on your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

If you ignore it then it’s okay, but if download this game then you can’t delete this game (as per sources).

After downloading this blue whale game Admin will contact you like this:


Download Blue Whale Game – I Only wrote this post to spread awareness, Awarenesses About This Killer Blue Whale game Who has so far claimed 250+ people.

What Do You Think You Are a Tees Maar Khan, You Can Easily Cross Blue Whale Game Dare Games All levels, No You Can’t, if yes Then You Have To Die?

You will not get anything by playing blue whale dare app Except death.

If You You Still Want To Know How To Download Blue Whale Suicide Game Apk than I Would like to inform you that Original blue whale Suicide game is not presented on the internet and anywhere nor in google play store neither in any website Have the Link.  Blue Whale Apk Link.

Only can be sent from Admin to The Players. 

So, I’ll just suggest to stay away from this game and don’t think about it.…Because life is more precious than a game!

Blue Whale Online Challenge Game

Download and play blue whale game apk Yes in this post I will reveal how you can download blue whale game. Funny and interesting hope you enjoy a lot by playing this game apk.

First of all, you should ask yourself why you want to play blue whale game when you already know that is the game is talking a lot of life.
Especially teenagers are getting affected by this game.

Teens who don’t have a strong heart they accept challenges of blue whale admin and ruin their life.
In this blue whale, game admin misleads anyone by giving fear of death like if you don’t do this you and your family will come in the problem.

Mods Apk Hub

Download & Play Blue Whale Game

Blue whale challenge game is named squad game.

You may find an app like blue whale VR and blue whale challenge game in play store don’t Download them they are not real at all.
Google play store doesn’t support all these sensitive content games.

This game is taking life so how it can be present in any website and Google.

Supreme court of India already ordered to remove this game from everywhere.

What to do if you hit with Blue whale game

You can do several things like
1. To quit playing this game first of all don’t be afraid of any challenges
2. Inform your parents about this game
3. For parents: Use software like spyhuman, spybro to get information about apps and web your child is browsing.App like blue whale game can be tracked from this app
4. If you see anybody is engaged in playing blue whale game than instant goto police station and report it about it.

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